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Soup 11 - Cream of Mushroom

I had a number of vegetables in my fridge that needed used so after looking over recipes, I decided upon gluten free cream of mushroom. It’s nothing at all like Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup!

I roasted the asparagus and sautéed the chickpeas left over from my hummus recipe to round out the meal.

I loosely followed The Spruce Eats gluten-free cream of mushroom soup recipe. I had every ingredient on hand, and their normally things I always have in stock so I will definitely be able to make this recipe again.

It was super quick to make and is a great breakfast soup. I used Bob’s red mill gluten-free one to one flour. It’s my favorite gluten-free flower.

start to finish the entire recipe was done in about 35 minutes. It would be great with a hearty salad and a crusty loaf of French bread.


My soup rankings so far - It's getting harder and harder to order them!

#1 Broccoli Cheddar Soup

#2 Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (I made it again and it was SOOO good!)

#3 Polish Dill Pickle Soup

#4 Cream of Vegetable Soup (Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Soup

#5 Mulligatawny (Soup Nazi Copycat recipe)

#6 Shrimp Ramen

#7 Cream of Mushroom

#8 Cabbage Roll Soup (I made this twice it was soooo good!)

#9 Texas Chili (still Tim's favorite)

#10 Italian Sausage Soup

#11 Simple Lentil Soup

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