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Burgers 23 & 24

I got backed up on blogging, so I'm going to talk about Burgers 23 and 24 in this post.

Burger 23 was a mushroom and Swiss burger. It was my least favorite of all the burgers. The grilled mushrooms were amazing. The caramelized onions were amazing, but the Swiss cheese was just uninspiring and added nothing but goo to the Burger and took away from the flavors of the mushrooms. If the burger itself hadn't been so good, I don't think I could've even rated it a three.

Burger 24 was a pimento cheese burger. Some people call it a Rockaway burger. I made my pimento cheese spread from scratch and used my traditional 80/20 regeneratively grown ground beef. This one was a winner - five stars out of five.

The mushroom and Swiss burger looked fabulous. Taste was only mediocre.

The pimento cheese burger was amazing!

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