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The Keith Photo Section

Every business needs supporters - some call them fans.  My brother Keith is one of my biggest fans.  He wears tie dye everywhere - hiking, teaching, even to his son's wedding.

Keith and Tina.JPG

Eclipse Shirts can still be ordered!

The Great American Eclipse was on Monday,

August 21, 2017.

If you didn't get your eclipse shirt before the eclipse and still want one you are in luck! Usual turnaround time for an eclipse shirt is 2 weeks! 

Child Small, Medium, or Large $25 + $5 shipping

Adult Small - Extra Large $45 + $5 shipping

Adult 2XL - 4XL $55 + $5 shipping

EMAIL ME to place your order. 

Email me for multiple shirts.  Long sleeve shirts available by special order.

THANK YOU for your order!

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