Custom Work Information

Custom work enables me to create a unique one-of-a-kind item for you on something your provide.

Most pieces have a 2 week turnaround time but during the busy season it might take longer.  I can do things in a "rush" but will have to add a surcharge to move an item to the top of my list. 

There is always the possibility of items not turning out as desired and for this reason I do not do heirloom items - you are welcome to the studio and I can help you dye it yourself.

There is no guarantee an item will turn out exactly as the photo you share with me.  Custom work does not involve trial and error with a particular garment - it is a one shot deal.  For this reason if your item cannot be replaced you need to consider long and hard the unlikely possibility that the fabric will not react to the dye or dye supplies as we expect and you may get a totally different color or design that we were striving for.

All items need to be clean.  New clothing needs to be washed in the hottest water the item can tolerate - do not use any fabric softener.  New sheets need to be washed multiple times in hot water to remove all fabric sizing and treatments (I suggest a minimum of 4 washes before dyeing a new sheet.) 

Basic spiral designs on your shirts are typically the same price as a new item I sell.  Thicker and larger items take more dye and will therefore cost more.  The colors you choose and the design you choose will effect the price.  Send me an email about prospective projects.  

Custom tie dye suit done for Ryan. 

Fall 2019 Arts in the Park - custom

shirts for family photos

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