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Burger 12 - The Jake Burger

In honor of my friend Jake's birthday, I asked him to describe the perfect Burger. This is what he said: A burger with blackening seasoning, blue cheese crumbles, buffalo wing sauce, on an onion roll.

So, I set out to make that very burger! Tim said it was a 5 out of 5 stars.

I used a regeneratively farmed, 80/20 ground beef. I didn't buy blackening seasoning or wing sauce, but made them. I'll post the links below. I had onion rolls on hand, and that is what Tim got, but I ate mine on a gluten-free bread that I toasted with onion powder.

Excellent burger. My friend Jake has very good taste!

This is the buffalo sauce recipe I followed:

This is the blackening seasoning recipe I followed:

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