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Beef Bone Broth

My friend Rachel gave me a recipe for making homemade bone broth so I thought this icy weekend would be the perfect opportunity to make a soup from scratch. Here is the recipe she shared with me:

Tim bought me these beef knuckles. I’ve never actually made beef bone broth so they should be exciting.

Per the recipe, I roasted them at 425° for 30 minutes turning them halfway through.

I added them to my crockpot along with vegetables from my fridge and fresh herbs that were in their last days of life.

Then I let it simmer for 30 hours before straining it and putting the liquid into jars. I'll be using two of the jars for a soup base but one was only 1 cup so I'll add it to something. This was really easy to do and SO MUCH BETTER than store bought!

I'm planning on using this as a base for an upcoming soup. I've put it in jars and am freezing it. Because it was so easy to make, I will definitely do this again!

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