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You know you want some!
Welcome to Tina's Tie Dye!
The news is here! From the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris, London, New York, Bozeman, and Blue Ridge - Tie Dye is in for 2015 and beyond!
Tina's Tie Dye is guaranteed to make you brighter.

Hand Dyed in
Blue Ridge, Georgia

It's back!

Cool people have been wearing hand-dyed clothing for thousands of years. Tie dye is back, and it is time you had some of your own! If you do not own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from Tina's Tie Dye, how cool can you be?

Each and every piece of Tina's Tie Dye creation is a work of art, hand dyed in Blue Ridge, Georgia (the birthplace of cool.)

Order yours today. You know you want some!

I thought only hippies wear tie dye.
That's bogus!

People wear Tina's Tie Dye because we love the color. We wear it because we are special and unique - unlike any other. We wear it because we are confident in our sense of cool. We wear Tina's Tie Dye because we love it!  Isn't it time you got some Tina's Tie Dye?
Hi! I'm Tina and I am so glad you stopped by to check out my site. Take a look around and if you have any questions use the contact form on the left to send me a note or click on my photo to send me an email.

Tina's Tie Dye makes a good day better

Noah, Sam, and Josh say, "Tina's Tie Dye is the BEST!"

Contact Tina at TieDyeForTheCure@gmail.com
Customer comments are important to me. Let me know if you LOVE it (or if you don't). I also welcome suggestions for new items.


Arts in the Park

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Visit me at Fall Arts in the Park in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia.
Saturday and Sunday 10 to 5.

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Tie Dye 101
Have you ever wondered how a tie dye shirt (or anything for that matter) is made? Keep reading to find out how I do it!
1. Wash your 100% cotton shirt in HOT water (don't use fabric softener.)
2. Dry it.
3. Soak your shirt in a soda ash solution for 20 minutes and then wring it out.
4. Let it rest (soaking is hard work) for a few minutes.
5. Put the design in the shirt.
6. Apply the dye to the front and back.
7. Let it react for 24 hours. Keep it moist and warm while it is reacting (tie dye is a great science project.)
8. Rinse your shirt in warm water until the water runs fairly clear. Wring it out between rinses.
9. Wash your shirt in warm water.
10. Wash your shirt a second time in hot water (you can use fabric softener this time.)
11. Dry your shirt.
12. Wear your shirt with pride!
13. Send me a photo.

Start to finish, most shirts take about 30 hours.

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