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Soup #2 - Italian Sausage Soup

A high school friend suggested this soup to me. I made a few changes to her recipe.

I used store-bought beef bone broth; I did not add in the green pepper because I didn’t have any and I don’t really care for them; and I used a gluten-free macaroni because that’s all I had in the pasta department. I did use the zucchini and I added 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa.

The finished product looked and smelled delicious. I really liked it and it is a 4 star recipe for me. The addition of the quinoa didn't change the flavor but it did add some bulk to the recipe so it was more stew like. Tim is not a fan of quinoa, so his comments will be fun to read!

Most ingredients were easy to find but I did have to go to 3 stores to get Italian sausage. The recipe was easy to prepare. I would make it again but I would not add in the quinoa!

I served it with homemade long ferment sourdough bread and Parmesan cheese.

Here is the recipe with Monica’s notes.

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1 Comment

Jan 21, 2022

I love Italian sausage. I hate, loath, and dispise quinoa more. Try it with something palatable like rice, pasta, or pine straw.

Squash in soup get mushy.

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