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Soup 12 - Tom Ka Gai (Chicken Coconut Soup)

Since the start of my soup challenge I have been looking forward to making a version of Tom Ka Gai soup. It is one of my favorite soups to eat. I love the blend of flavors from the lemongrass, ginger, lime, and fish sauce.

After a lot of searching, I based my attempt on a recipe at: I did not have makrut lime leaves so I substituted a Tom Yum Sauce I bought at whole foods that included them. Alternatives were to use lime zest and lime juice, or just lime zest.

While I always have chicken broth, chicken, fish sauce, and coconut milk on hand I had to stop at a Whole Foods Store to get lemongrass, and makrut lime leaves (which they did not have.)

The sauce I bought tasted and smelled wonderful and it really made the soup taste authentic.

Make sure to read your instructions carefully. I read a variety of recipes and I missed the important part that I needed to strain the lemongrass and ginger out before I added the chicken. I was able to handpick it all out but it certainly took way too much time.

If I was giving this particular version of Tom Ka soup a star rathing, this recipe would get a five star rating. It lacked depth and the lemongrass component was just too mild - it was missing the subtle and not so subtle flavors of lemongrass and lime leaves.

I will definitely try another version of Tom Kha Gai! I need to get myself to the Buford Farmers Market because I am sure I can get the lime leaves there! If you have a great recipe for Tom Kha soup send it my way!


My soup rankings so far - It's getting harder and harder to order them!

#1 Broccoli Cheddar Soup

#2 Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (I made it again and it was SOOO good!)

#3 Polish Dill Pickle Soup

#4 Cream of Vegetable Soup (Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Soup

#5 Mulligatawny (Soup Nazi Copycat recipe)

#6 Shrimp Ramen

#7 Cream of Mushroom

#8 Cabbage Roll Soup (I made this twice it was soooo good!)

#9 Texas Chili (still Tim's favorite)

#10 Tom Ka Gai

#11 Italian Sausage Soup

#12 Simple Lentil Soup

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1 Comment

Diane Peterson
Diane Peterson
Dec 05, 2022

I love Tom Ka Gai. Beleive it or not, this recipie by Paula Deen comes very close to what I used to get at a Thai restaurant in Miami years ago. The kaffir lime leaves add a lot of authentic flavor, but I have used lime zest as well, it is close, but not as nice as with the kaffir lime leaves.

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